February 5, 2013

Jimmy Neurosis

JIMMY NEUROSIS is a coming-of-age memoir by James Oseland, editor-in-chief of Rodale’s Organic Life magazine. It charts the author’s drastic transformation from punk adolescent to celebrated culinary editor. He was born in Mountain View, California, dropped out of high school at 15 and plunged into the burgeoning punk rock/drugs/sex scenes of 1970’s San Francisco and New York. He later went to graduate school in film studies and made his way to a career in writing and magazines (among them, Vogue, LA Weekly, The Village Voice and Sassy, as well as Saveur, where he was editor-in-chief). It’s fascinating and extraordinarily moving to see how, after the dramatic destruction of these key years, Oseland discovers within himself the creative threads that ultimately lead him to renown in the magazine and food worlds. The publisher will be Ecco.