September 28, 2017


Ben Marcus is considered one of the most inimitable, essential writers working today. NOTES FROM THE FOG is a beautiful collection that showcases his compassion, tenderness and mordant humor.  In these 13 ingenious stories, he reveals moments of redemption in the sometimes nightmarish modern world. In “The Grow-Light Blues” a hapless, corporate drone finds love after being disfigured testing his employer’s newest nutrition supplement—the enhanced glow from his computer monitor. In the chilling, “Cold Little Bird” a father finds himself alienated from his family when he starts to suspect that his son’s precocity has turned sinister. “The Boys” follows a sister who descends into an affair with her recently widowed brother-in law. In “Blueprints for St. Louis” two architects in a flailing marriage consider the ethics of adding a mist that artificially incites emotion in mourners to their latest assignment, a memorial to a terrorist attack. Blistering, beautiful, urgent work from a true modern master. Jordan Pavlin at Knopf will publish NOTES FROM THE FOG in August 2018.