September 28, 2017


A new novel from the idiosyncratic mind of Reif Larsen.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS TRUE weaves together a story that involves Russian hackers, online dating, shipping containers, punk music, artificial intelligence, mind control, and the persistence of the human heart. Gordon Sinclair is a hapless programmer living in Birmingham who has recently lost his father to Alzheimer’s. Terrified that he is also losing his mind, he begins to construct a Great Wall of Memory in his flat, including receipts and tickets, toothpicks, gum wrappers, and used tube socks. Gordon spends his nights obsessively sifting through his spam folder, searching for the lost email that will change his life. And, amazingly, he finds it: a strange, beautiful poem, hidden inside a piece of junk email. His discovery leads him into correspondence with a mysterious young woman named Yuliya from St Petersburg. Despite never meeting, the two begin to fall in love—but nothing is at it seems. Yuliya turns out to be a man, a rich financier from London who gets off by gaming his fellow countrymen. Yet Gordon, too, turns out to be someone else entirely… A layered, 21st-century love story that explores the boundaries of identity and intimacy in a digital world.