In the Works

In his new work TEN MASTERPIECES OF MUSIC, Harvey Sachs, author of the highly acclaimed biography TOSCANINI, takes readers into the heart of ten great works of classical music— works that have endured because they were created by composers who had a genius for drawing music out of their deepest wellsprings. These masters— Mozart and Beethoven; Schubert, Schumann, Berlioz, Verdi, and Brahms; Sibelius, Prokofiev, and Stravinsky— communicated their life experiences through music, and through music they universalized the intimate. The book is coming out from Liveright at W.W. Norton in October 2021.

Francine Prose is equally well-known for her fiction (BLUE ANGEL, LOVERS AT THE CHAMELEON CLUB, Paris, 1932) and for her literary criticism (READING LIKE A WRITER). The author is embarking on a biography of Cleopatra, an object of persistent assumptions throughout history. Centuries after her death, our image of Cleopatra is one of an irresistible siren: voluptuous, excessive, and luxe. Prose wants to rethink this myth with a narrative account of Cleopatra’s life. In her book, Prose will attempt to separate Cleopatra from her legend and her literary representations, questioning those aspects of her life and her character that we have taken for granted. The book will be published by Yale University Press.

Darcey Bell, the NYT-bestselling author of A SIMPLE FAVOR, has a new thriller coming out. ALL I WANT tells the story of a young pregnant woman and her husband who leave their Brooklyn apartment to buy a Victorian house with a hair-raising past. Atria Books will be the publisher.

Acclaimed author Francine Prose, in her new novel THE VIXEN, tells the story of a young man working in publishing in 1954, who is put in charge of a bodice ripper based on Ethel Rosenberg, a work meant to capitalize on the lurid fascination of a seemingly ordinary woman who along with her husband was given the electric chair for the crime of espionage.  As she did with her past NYT bestselling novel LOVERS AT THE CHAMELEON CLUB, Paris 1932, Prose, blends history into a mesmerizing narrative that shows complex, besieged characters struggling to become their true selves at a moment in time that seems eerily similar to our own. The book is coming out from HarperCollins in June 2021.

To follow Lydia Davis’ ESSAYS ONE, is ESSAYS TWO, a collection of essays on translation. Lydia Davis is a distinguished translator whose highly-acclaimed translations include Marcel Proust’s SWANN’S WAY and Gustave Flaubert’s MADAME BOVARY both of which were awarded the French-American Foundation Translation Prize. For her MADAME BOVARY translation, Julian Barnes praised Davis as “the best fiction writer ever to translate the novel…. [Her] work shares the Flaubertian virtues of compression, irony and an extreme sense of control” (London Review of Books). Davis has translated not only from the French, but also from German, Dutch, and Norwegian. The book is coming out from Farrar, Straus & Giroux in November 2021.

Brandon del Pozo, Chief of Police in Burlington, VT and formerly a Senior Officer in the New York City Police Department, is writing NO ONE ELSE IS COMING to be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The book will be part memoir, part historical narrative of policing in New York City and, ultimately, a reflection on the art of being a cop.

Kirstin Valdez Quade’s first novel, THE FIVE WOUNDS, is an expansion of her much-praised New Yorker story of the same name. Set in the fictional small town of Las Peñas in northern New Mexico, this novel centers on three characters: Amadeo Padilla, an unemployed ne’er-do-well who is part of a community of Catholic penitentes (men whose worship includes self-flagellation and physical suffering), his teenage daughter Angel, who gives birth to her first child, and his mother Yolanda, who discovers that she is dying of brain cancer. It’s an exploration of the painful complexities of family obligation with characters discovering that their pasts can be a source of both destructive pain and also great sustenance and that the binds of family are not a birthright but must be constantly made anew. W.W. Norton will publish in April 2021.

Aryn Kyle‘s second novel (following the breakout debut THE GOD OF ANIMALS), HINTERLAND is the story of a turbulent platonic friendship between a married father and the gifted, troubled, charismatic woman he’s known since college, and how her sudden death — one he feels he should have saved her from — changes the course of his life and that of his family. Aryn Kyle is the author of THE GOD OF ANIMALS, her bestselling and highly-acclaimed first novel, which was praised as “so strong, startling, and moving…it is impossible to forget” by The Boston Globe, and the story collection, BOYS AND GIRLS LIKE YOU AND ME. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages. The publisher will be Riverhead Books.