In the Works

Pulitzer finalist and NYT bestselling author, Karen Russell, has a new story collection titled ORANGE WORLD. The title story was featured in The New Yorker’s 2018 summer fiction issue. Also her short novel SLEEP DONATION, which published digitally by Atavist Books in 2014, eliciting raves from NYT, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, NPR and many other places. In SLEEP DONATION, set in a dystopian near future, a lethal plague of insomnia is spreading through the overstimulated, anxious population, leaving thousands of Americans unable to dream or sleep. Russell, who critics have called “one of the great American writers of our young century” (NPR), creates fantastical worlds that hum with recognizable rhythms. Knopf will publish ORANGE WORLD in May 2019.

From Man Booker International Prize winner Lydia Davis comes her first nonfiction collection titled ESSAYS I: ON READING AND WRITING. She conveys her joyful enthusiasm for language and unconventional narrative strategies of writers who have inspired her: Beckett, Paley and Pynchon, among others. She writes more about other writers than herself, still it’s unusual to read someone who is so unguarded about her process, as she reveals how she conceives, writes and rewrites a few of her own stories. In a recent profile, The New Yorker wrote that she is “widely considered one of the most original minds in American fiction today.” This offers a journey into her fastidious mind. Farrar, Straus and Giroux will publish in November 2019.

Miranda Popkey‘s debut novel moves effortlessly from quietly hilarious to skewering to gorgeous and lyrical. TOPICS OF CONVERSATION follows a young single mother in California. The novel unfolds through a series of conversations the central character is having that explore that nature of truth, female pain, desire, and subjectivity. The voice is knowing, somewhat cynical, funny, and playful. This book will establish Popkey as a distinctly contemporary literary voice. Knopf will publish in Spring 2020.

Johanna Stoberock has a new novel.  PIGS  is set on a Pacific island populated by a handful of people including four children who are enslaved by the adults and forced to feed the garbage that washes onto shore to a ferocious herd of pigs. The author has a strong voice with a unique, otherworldly story to tell.  Kate Gale at Red Hen Press will publish PIGS in October 2019.

Brandon del Pozo, Chief of Police in Burlington, VT and formerly a Senior Officer in the New York City Police Department, is writing NO ONE ELSE IS COMING to be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The book will be part memoir, part historical narrative of policing in New York City and, ultimately, a reflection on the art of being a cop.

From Jess Row, the author of the provocative YOUR FACE IN MINE, comes WHITE FLIGHTS, a book of critical and autobiographical essays that together form a meditation on whiteness in American fiction and culture, from the end of the civil rights movement to the present. Graywolf Press is the publisher.

From Chanelle Benz, an O. Henry Prize winner, comes a debut novel titled THE GONE DEAD. A big, atmospheric novel, THE GONE DEAD is set in Southern Mississippi and centered on a woman who returns to the town she left at a young age to sort out the mysteries in her life and the mysteries of her long-estranged father’s death.  Ecco/HarperCollins will be the publisher.

Kirstin Valdez Quade‘s untitled first novel is an expansion of her New Yorker story, “The Five Wounds.”  It opens during Semana Santa (Passion Week) in a small town in northern New Mexico.  Amadeo Padilla has been given the part of Jesus in the Passion procession, and he is preparing for this role, which he believes will redeem him and transform his life, when his pregnant fourteen-year-old daughter Angel shows up on his doorstep. Written in alternating third-person points of view, it is a book about the limitations of faith, as the characters discover that their pasts can be a source of both destructive pain and also great sustenance, and that the binds of family are not a birthright but must be constantly made anew. The publisher will be W. W. Norton.

Jess Row‘s first novel, YOUR FACE IN MINE, was praised as “flat-out brilliant” by the Los Angeles Times. His next will be THE NEW EARTH, about a fractured Manhattan family of eccentrics, intellectuals and spiritual seekers who reunite for the wedding of their only living daughter, an immigration lawyer, to an undocumented immigrant from Chiapas. THE NEW EARTH captures the transformative journey of a broken family over a decade after the tragic death of a little girl. The publisher will be Ecco.

From Hugh Raffles (the author of INSECTOPEDIA) comes NORTH, a book exploring the many lives of stone. It draws on fieldwork in places ranging from Scotland to China, Java to New Mexico, and Brazil to Morocco.  Raffles examines powerful stones in Dante, Wagner, Michelangelo, and Ovid, on the Hajj, inside Buddhist temples, and at the Jewish cemetery in Berlin. He finds rocks that were once alive—were sea creatures and wood—and rocks that are somewhere in between. NORTH  examines stones that are both massive and distant and comprise the galaxies, planets, those that travel as continents and meteors, and those most intimate to us—the stone that forms in our bladder and kidneys and makes up our bones. Pantheon is the publisher.

JIMMY NEUROSIS is a coming-of-age memoir by James Oseland, editor-in-chief of Rodale’s Organic Life magazine. It charts the author’s drastic transformation from punk adolescent to celebrated culinary editor. He was born in Mountain View, California, dropped out of high school at 15 and plunged into the burgeoning punk rock/drugs/sex scenes of 1970’s San Francisco and New York. He later went to graduate school in film studies and made his way to a career in writing and magazines (among them, Vogue, LA Weekly, The Village Voice and Sassy, as well as Saveur, where he was editor-in-chief). It’s fascinating and extraordinarily moving to see how, after the dramatic destruction of these key years, Oseland discovers within himself the creative threads that ultimately lead him to renown in the magazine and food worlds. The publisher will be Ecco.

Aryn Kyle‘s second novel (following the breakout debut THE GOD OF ANIMALS), HINTERLAND is the story of a turbulent platonic friendship between a married father and the gifted, troubled, charismatic woman he’s known since college, and how her sudden death — one he feels he should have saved her from — changes the course of his life and that of his family. Aryn Kyle is the author of THE GOD OF ANIMALS, her bestselling and highly-acclaimed first novel, which was praised as “so strong, startling, and moving…it is impossible to forget” by The Boston Globe, and the story collection, BOYS AND GIRLS LIKE YOU AND ME. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages. The publisher will be Riverhead Books.